Maple Glazed Smoked Ham

Maple glazed smoked ham on the smoker

Continuing with our holiday themed meals (I LOVE this time of year), I wanted to share another recipe that works extremely well for Thanksgiving. It can be served instead of or along with a turkey and it’s also extremely easy to make. The recipe is maple glazed smoked ham. If you’ve never smoked a ham before, then this is your sign to give it a shot this year. Let’s get into it!

Minimal prep work

The best part about this recipe is that there is almost no prep work that needs to be done. In fact, there aren’t even that many ingredients that you will need. You will only need the following:

  • Ham
  • Maple syrup
  • Brown sugar (optional)

Light and stabilize your grill to 275ºF-300ºF. Pick out the smoking wood of your choice (here is where I like to get mine) – I like to use cherry, apple, pecan, or maple for hams. Whatever you choose will work well.

Ham on the smoker with a pan under it to catch all of the drippings
Ham on the smoker

Smoking the ham

With your smoker’s temperature stabilized at 275ºF-300ºF and the wood added to the fire, it’s time to put the ham on. Allow the ham to smoke until an internal temperature of 120ºF has been reached. Once it has, it’s time to add the maple glaze. Take your maple syrup and glaze the entire ham with it. If you prefer a sweeter ham, sprinkle some sugar on it as well. It’s completely ok to omit the sugar if you do not want to add it – the ham will still be delicious. Continue to smoke the ham until an internal temperature of 140ºF has been reached. Once the 140ºF temperature has been reached, remove the ham from the smoker and allow to rest for 20 minutes before slicing.

An easy way to impress your guests

This recipe is an extremely easy holiday meal. It’s really as simple as adding the ham to the smoker and glazing it with maple syrup. You are not even required to season the ham! The smokiness from the charcoal & wood, combined with the sweetness of the maple syrup will give the ham a delicious flavor combination. Another bonus: any leftovers that you might have of this ham will be great for breakfast the next day. Try this recipe out this holiday season. Something tells me this won’t be the only time that you end up smoking a ham.

Maple glazed smoked ham on the smoker

Maple Glazed Smoked Ham

Looking for a holiday dish that's simple and requires almost no prep work? This maple glazed smoked ham recipe is for you! This is truly one of those "set it and forget it" recipes. The ham is smoked over an open fire before it is glazed with maple syrup, leaving you with a delicious ham that cannot be recreated in an oven. The sweet and smoky flavor combination works so well and will leave your guests rushing for more.
Servings 12 servings


  • 5 lb Ham
  • 1/2 cup Maple syrup
  • Brown sugar Optional; to taste


  • Light and stabilize your smoker/grill to 275ºF-300ºF. Once stabilized, add the smoking wood of your choice.
  • Add the ham. Smoke until an internal temperature of 120ºF.
  • Glaze the ham all over with maple syrup. Sprinkle the glazed ham with brown sugar (optional) if you prefer a sweeter ham.
  • Continue to smoke until an internal temperature of 140ºF has been reached.
  • Remove the ham from the smoker and allow to rest for 20 minutes. Slice and enjoy!
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    1. You can absolutely smoke the ham the day before you are going to eat it – you’ll just need to reheat it once you’re ready to eat. Glaze it once the internal temperature hits 120ºF or at least for the final 30 minutes.