BPS Grilled Ribeyes

Beautifully seared ribeyes straight off the grill

Ribeye steaks are one of the most popular cuts of meat out there. For good reason too – flavor and tender, what is there not to like about them? They’re also pretty simple to grill as well. In fact, I believe grilling ribeyes is the best way to prepare them. Let me walk you through on how to do it.

Season with my favorite rub for steaks

Our Open Fire BPS Rub is my favorite rub to put on steaks! The simple ingredients that make up this rub allow it be used as an “all-purpose” rub. Heavy on the black pepper, salt, and garlic powder but with some decaffeinated coffee and smoked paprika to open up your taste buds even more, this rub works really well on steaks. That’s why this rub is the only thing we are seasoning our ribeyes with. I will also recommend to dry brine your steaks before cooking (see our Dry Brined Steaks for full explanation). If you have the time, season your steaks the night before and put them in the fridge uncovered on a rack until you’re ready to cook. Otherwise, try to season the steaks 1-2 hours ahead of time and leave them at room temperature. This is for best results. If you’re really lacking with time, seasoning right before cooking them will still result in a great steak.

Fire up the grill

Light your charcoal or gas grill and have the temperature stabilize around 500ºF-550ºF. I highly recommend having your grill set up with direct and indirect cooking sides. The reason being that if your steaks are cooking too fast over the direct heat, you can move them to the indirect (cooler) side to finish cooking.

Ribeyes that have been grilling over direct heat but now moved to the indirect side for the last bit of the cook
The ribeyes have been moved away from the heat to the indirect cooking side to finish out this cook

Hot and fast is the way to go

Unless your ribeyes are 2-3+ inches thick, then hot and fast is the way to grill them. If they’re 2-3+ inches thick, then reverse searing them is the preferred cook method as the outsides will cook too fast for the inside. Since most ribeyes won’t be super thick, I recommend putting them over the direct heat for 4 minutes, flip, and then cook for another 4 minutes. At this point, you should be checking the steaks internal temperature. If they need to cook more, consider moving them to the indirect side while they finish. They’ll still be cooking but at a slower rate, which won’t burn or overcook the outside. Once they are cooked to your liking, remove from the heat and allow them to rest for 10 minutes before slicing.

Perfectly grilled ribeyes that have rested and are ready to be sliced
Ribeyes right off the grill

Slice and enjoy

Once the 10 minute rest is up, it’s time to enjoy your hard work. Although I say hard work, I truly find this recipe to be so simple to pull off a restaurant quality ribeye. The flavor profile of our Open Fire BPS Rub when applied to steak is like a match made in heaven. It really brings out the delicious flavor of the ribeyes. Combine that with a short cook time of around 8-12 minutes (depending on how you like your steaks), this recipe cannot get any easier. Try this recipe out and impress all of your friends. You will realize how capable you are at pulling off a delicous grilled ribeye.

Beautifully seared ribeyes straight off the grill

BPS Grilled Ribeyes

Grilled ribeyes can be surprisingly simple to pull off. Seasoned with our Open Fire BPS Rub (my favorite rub for steak), these ribeyes are then cooked hot and fast over an open flame to give it that delicous charred flavor. Cooked in about 8-12 minutes, depending on how well done (or rare) you like your steaks, this quick and easy recipe can produce restaurant quality steaks with minimal effort. Impress all of your friends and serve these steaks at your next cookout.
Servings 4 people


  • 2 Ribeye steaks
  • Open Fire BPS Rub to taste
  • Mustard or oil as a binder; optional


  • The night before you are going to grill, apply a thin layer of mustard or oil to the ribeyes. Generously season all over with our Open Fire BPS Rub. Put on a rack with a tray under it, leave uncovered, and refrigerate. If you are short on time, do this 1-2 hours before grilling and leave the ribeyes at room temperature.
  • Preheat your charcoal or gas grill to 500ºF-550ºF. Set the grill up to have direct (hot) and indirect (cooler) cooking sides.
  • When the grill has reached temperature, add the ribeyes over direct heat. Grill for 4 minutes. Flip the ribeyes. Grill the second side for another 4 minutes.
  • Check the internal temperature of the ribeyes. I prefer my steaks to be cooked to medium-rare. I will pull them at 125ºF as there will be some carry over cooking once it's been removed. If you prefer that they cook longer, move the ribeyes to the indirect cooking side until finished. Check the internal temperature every 1-2 minutes of additional cooking.
  • Once the ribeyes are done, remove from the heat and allow to rest for 10 minutes. Slice and enjoy!
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