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Welcome to Stove Oven Grill – our slice of the internet where we can help others learn how to cook, share recipes, and offer your taste buds flavors that they have never experienced before!

We are a husband-and-wife duo out of Boston, MA.  My name is Dan and my wife’s name is Daniela.  We joke that I develop the recipes & cook, while she tastes tests & provides critical feedback. Daniela and I share a love for travel, adventure, and (of course) food. We live at home with our three young kids. Touting both Italian and Colombian roots, it’s nearly impossible for us to not have a strong affection towards food.  When we aren’t in the kitchen dreaming up recipes and trying different foods, you can find us soaking up time with our kids, traveling, hosting friends & family, and just living our best life.

Our Story

Being an avid foodie from the Boston area, I’ve always had a passion for cooking. I am self-taught, learning through watching videos, reading blogs, and following tips from the master chefs of the internet.  It was not long after starting this cooking journey that I took an interest in BBQing and was determined to perfect the BBQ taste that is not as common in the Northeast.  With this challenge came the creation of my own line of signature rubs & spices, Open Fire. I eventually expanded my culinary knowledge to include cooking cuisines from different countries. We say that our menu has no limits, and we pride ourselves on creating dishes from around the world.  My favorite tip to someone that’s new to cooking: just do it!  With a little guidance and practice, you will get good at it.  Nothing is better than being able to whip up any dish that you crave, while making it taste better than any restaurant.

Our blog is called ‘Stove Oven Grill’ because we are constantly developing recipes using various cooking techniques. Whether on the stove, in the oven, or on the grill, something is always cooking in our home! Our kitchen is always open so pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable and follow along as we cook, eat, and drink our way around the world.

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